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Water Conservation


Are you a teacher? Would you like to learn more about the water-related educational resources available to you?

Youth Resources

Saving H2O - is an educational site dedicated to teaching youth about the importance of conserving water in and around the home.

Youth Water Education - A variety of resources and opportunities to help you in providing youth with water education experiences.

Water Use It Wisely - Learn about water saving games for kids and families. The Water Use It Wisely campaign has created fun interactive games and quizzes to teach kids about water conservation.

Water Education Hand-on Activities - Hands-on activities to help student learn about water resources. Water cycle, Hydrologic Cycle, Water  cycle wristband, water cycle in a bag

Water Conservation - 3rd grade classroom assignment by Penn State.

Water Wise - Classroom activities: Conserve, Water Demand and Population Growth, Conserving Water - From Ancient Times to the Present and Stranded on the Moon




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With passage of House Bill 3055 (The Water for 2060 Act) in 2012, Oklahoma became the first state in the nation to establish a bold, statewide goal of consuming no more fresh water in 2060 than was consumed in 2010.