Residential — Water Conservation

Water Conservation


Are you a homeowner, HOA representative, or renter interested in reducing your outdoor and landscape water use?

Over two-thirds of water use in the summer can be attributed to outdoor water use. For many irrigation systems, 50% of the water used to irrigate can be wasted through poor system design or unattended maintenance issues.

ThinkWater serves Oklahomans by providing research-based water resource services. We connect our university faculty and statewide network of Extension experts to assist homeowners and consumers with developing water conservation plans, public outreach campaigns and educational initiatives.

Steps to save water in the home landscape:

  1. Don't waste water - make repairs, fix leaks.
  2. Know your water window - follow city watering rules, water at best times. Watering in the heat of the day leads to more water loss to evaporation.
  3. Make weather aware watering decisions - Utilize smart irrigation technology, utilize the Oklahoma Mesonet. Wait to water if it has rained recently or rain is in the forecast.
  4. Know plant water requirements - Plant needs (ET), drought symptoms, plant materials, hydrozoning landscapes.

Who can help you?

  • County Extension offices provide educational resources for the benefit of Oklahoma residents. Contact the Extension office in your county
  • The Master Gardener program provides educational training for those wanting to aspire to a higher level of expertise. As certified Master Gardeners, participants act as ambassadors for horticultural educational outreach.



With passage of House Bill 3055 (The Water for 2060 Act) in 2012, Oklahoma became the first state in the nation to establish a bold, statewide goal of consuming no more fresh water in 2060 than was consumed in 2010.