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Design Examples

When planning and designing a landscape, set landscape goals based on the end use of the space, conduct a site evaluation, and get to designing!

Modern Prairie Landscape Design. Combination of the idea of an American prairie with principles of modern, irregular lines for hardscapes and planting boundaries.

Rectilinear Landscape Design. Emphasizes architectural features of the home.

Curvilinear Landscape Design. Concept uses swooping gestures and large tangent arcing forms to mimic a more naturalistic looking landscape.

Geometric Landscape Design. Uses repeating patterns that mimic other forms in the landscape.

Radial Landscape Design. Utilizes several circular center points and radiating arcs.

Organic Landscape Design. Uses forms similar to the curvilinear concept but emphasizes focal forms that are generally created by closed curves

Click here for a printable black and white version of all 6 water saving landscape designs

Click here for a color version of all 6 water saving landscape designs.