Water Conservation





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Water Conservation

Build Your Soil

Increase soil quality

A teaspoon of healthy soil contains about 1 billion bacteria which is beneficial because they help:

  • Create a loose soil structure that allows air, water, and plant growth into the soil
  • Recycle nutrients so plants can use them
  • Store water
  • Protect plants from pests and diseases

If you know what your soil needs you can grow healthy plants.

OSU Soil, Water and Forage Analytical Laboratory can help you determine the nutrients in your soil and give you recommendations based on your test. The Oklahoma County Extension Office  can provide you with more information.

930 N. Portland, Oklahoma City, OK 73107-6120
FAX: 405-947-1199

Use compost and mulch to improve soil quality

Add mulch to a depth of 2-3 inches near plants.  Avoid mounding mulch around plants and trees because it will cause trunk rot.  Remember to periodically check mulch and replace as needed.

  • As organic mulches decompose they improve soil quality
  • Mulch keeps gardens attractive
  • Mulch reduces soil moisture loss by preventing evaporation from the sun and wind.
  • It also helps to regulate soil temperature which insulates and protects plants from Oklahoma’s unpredictable weather.
  • It helps prevent soil compaction and erosion
  • Mulch also protects plants from soil-borne diseases by preventing rainfall from splashing pathogens onto plants.
  • It prevents weed seeds from germinating.
  • Around trees and bushes it can prevent stem damage from weed whackers and lawn mowers.
  • It provides a place for earthworms and beneficial predators that feed on garden pests.

Start a compost bin. Use leaves, vegetable scraps, and twigs in alternating green and brown layers. Compost bins can be made out of old trashcans, chicken wire, or wood pallets.  You can also purchase bins at retail stores.  Compost can be added to the soil to increase water and nutrient holding capacity.  (For more information, check out BAE-1744).

“A thin layer of earth, a few inches of rain, and a blanket of air make human life possible on our planet. These essential resources must be available to provide the good life for our children and for future generations.” John F. Kennedy