Water Conservation





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Water Conservation

Protect your soil surface

When water hits bare soil the force detaches particles damaging soil structure. This is the first step of water erosion.

Protecting the soil with mulch

  • Prevents soil splash
  • Regulates soil temperature
  • Prevents weeds from germinating
  • Provides a home for beneficial organisms
  • Increases soil tilth (suitability to support plant growth) as it decomposes
  • Reduces soil moisture loss so you can water less

Check out L-346 "All you need to know about mulch" for more information.

  • Organic mulches are derived from natural materials such as straw, wood chips or leaves.  They are relatively low cost, can deter pests, increase soil quality as it decomposes and allows water infiltration. Keep in mind black and dark brown mulches absorb heat.
  • Inorganic mulches include rubber, recycled glass or rocks. This type of mulch does not need to be replaced as often but may hold heat which can be tough on plants.