Water Conservation





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Water Conservation

Turfgrass Management

Turfgrass serves a vital role in the landscape. It reduces wind and water erosion, provides a place for outdoor recreation and increases the value of residential property. Maintaining a healthy turfgrass yard requires planning and proper upkeep. Check out the Turfgrass Management in Oklahoma Leaflet for more information on saving water while keeping that turfgrass healthy and beautiful.

See below for more information on establishing and managing turfgrass in Oklahoma

Managing Turfgrass in the Shade in Oklahoma

Lawn Management in Oklahoma

Establishing a Lawn in Oklahoma

Should you overseed your warm-season lawn?

Over-seeding warm-season lawns with cool-season grasses in the fall can provide a beautiful landscape until spring in Oklahoma. However, from a water conservation standpoint, landscaping experts don’t recommend over-seeding with cool-season perennial ryegrass.

An over-seeded lawn requires more irrigation. The water needs of cool-season grasses are greater than than water requirements of dormant warm-season grasses. When establishing new lawns in the fall, residents are encouraged to apply for a short-term watering variance. It will allow daily irrigation of new sod or over-seeded grasses for 30 days without risk of a citation.

More information about water-efficient landscaping and watering variances can be found at squeezeeverydrop.com.