Water Conservation

Resource available: How to use the Simple Irrigation Planner

When should I start my sprinkler? How long should I run it?

These are the two simple questions that SIP was created to answer.

SIP is the acronym for "Simple Irrigation Plan." The Simple Irrigation Plan uses data from the Oklahoma Mesonet to scientifically estimate lawn grass water use. This takes the "guesswork" out of when and how long to water a lawn.

SIP uses weather data from the Oklahoma Mesonet to estimate the water use of Oklahoma lawns. With one hundred and twenty Mesonet sites, you'll find one close by. With forecasts from the National Weather Service, SIP estimates water use for up to 3 1/2 days ahead.

The Simple Irrigation Plan can tell you when and how long to water bermudagrass, zoysiagrass or tall fescue. You can select from a wide variety of hose end sprinklers or automatic sprinkler systems.

A watering Cost Calculator is included, so you can estimate what it costs to water your lawn.

Fresh, clean water has always been a precious resource. SIP is an online tool that can improve water use efficiency. Just as important as knowing when to water, SIP can also tell you when not to water.

The new informational brochure provides more information for homeowners and business to make the right decisions when it comes to irrigating the landscape.